Gaslight Gathering 2014

Tired and cranky, I rolled out of bed Friday morning to get ready for Gaslight. Truth be told I hadn’t done any prep work at all. I grabbed two random vending bins from the garage and hopped in the car. We stopped for some snacks and hit the road. It was unfortunately hot. We set up at our booth and let our day begin. Fridays are always slow, people are at work till 5. And joyfully, I ran over a screw on our way down so my tire went flat. Sad day. My boyfriend was nice enough to come down and change my tire while I was working. With the lack of sleep and the unpleasant heat I passed out pretty hard once I was home. Saturday was much more eventful. The dealers hall was lively. We saw old friends and made new ones. And had a great time in the evening. We got dolled up for the Gaslight Dance in some of our hand made items.

Meg made her dress, mask and bustle; I made my bustle as well.

We hit the dance for a bit then swung down stairs to the small bar/restaurant in the hotel. I was staaaaaaaarving! We pigged out on chicken fingers, calamari strips, potato skins, onion rings, and wings! It was one of those meals that if I wasn’t hungry as hell it would have been really mediocre but since that wasn’t the case it was so damn good. ha. We popped back up to the dance which was dying down. Swung by the Day of the Dead party on our way up the hotel to the Rum Party. Which was booming. Sunday I didn’t attend, I had a friends wedding to go to. :] Thanks everyone that hung out with us and made our night awesome!