The right sized bra changed everything

First off, I want to say a big thank you to the lady that made this video. Until now I figured I had a hard time with bras because of my weight. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiies! Wearing the right sized bra has changed my confidence a lot.
Before I always felt awkward in my bras. Even though I’ve been fitted a billion times. I figured it was just because I fluctuate in weight so much. The under-wire would eventually poke out or snap, the bra would dig into my shoulders and under my breasts, I’d hunch over, sometimes slip out of the bra when I bent over, and I was ALWAYS adjusting them. I naturally have a large cleavage space but it was worsened over the years of shoving my breasts to the sides so they were comfortable in whatever bra I was wearing. I never wanted to lift my arms up because of the armpit fat I had. It was one of the few things I was genuinely embarrassed about. I kept buying bra after bra, wearing them out fast because they were the wrong size.
For the last several years I’ve been wearing a 38 DD. Some what recently I needed a new bra and tried on a 38 DDD and it felt so much better! I knew at that point I needed to be resized. However non of the sizes I was given fit well. I bought the 40 DDD and went with it because it felt like my best option, mainly because a lot of the places I went didn’t carry anything bigger than a DDD. those that did charged $90 for a bra. Torrid for example doesn’t carry anything bigger than DDD in store. For those of you that know the struggles of bra shopping, you know how frustrating it is. The DDD was much more comfortable but I still felt like I was adjusting too much and it would dig in under my breasts when I sat down, but it was still so much better than what I had before.
look how hard my straps are digging into my shoulders, even through a sweater. No wonder I always have tight achy shoulders!
And look at the armpit pudge over the top of my bra strap. That’s breast tissue! that should be in my breasts!
Then I saw this video! All the things she described were going on with my bra. I felt angry at first that all these bra stores have been selling me bras that don’t fit. Bras that have destroyed my body. Weighing heavily on my shoulders causing posture and back problems, leading to constant chiropractor appointments and physical pain. And that armpit fat I was always so weird about? Its breast tissue that has been shoved to the sides by bras that don’t properly fit. I felt lied to and abused by these bra stores. I have been a much larger size for several years now but they continued to shove me into smaller bras because they don’t carry my size but want a sale. After seeing this video and buying a new bra I started noticing all the girls at the mall wearing the wrong size. Breasts pudging out of the top of the bra, straps that are too tight or too high on the back, digging into the shoulders. It made me really frustrated to see. I feel its really important that girls are aware of how hard they are getting screwed.
Look at the difference. The cuts are obviously different, but look at how much tissue I have shoved out on the 40DDD. I’d like to note that I do have a some what permanent dip in my shoulder where my bra straps have dug in for years. So my current bra does look like its pulling into my shoulders, however it doesn’t hurt or weight down like wrong sized bras do. Until the muscles and tissue in my shoulders are corrected from years of wrong sized bras I’m going to have that. I have giant knots in my shoulders and inflamed muscles.
After fitting myself, I am a proper 38 G (some brands H). And it feels GREAT to have a bra that fits me. No more digging straps, no armpit fat, no pudging, no constant adjustment. It even places my breasts to where I have some what normal cleavage space. I even sometimes forget I’m wearing a bra. It took a little getting used to, my other more mainstream bras made my breasts look so bulbous and round. Now they look normal and natural. I don’t feel like a lumpy monster anymore. I feel like I have a natural woman’s figure now. I can’t believe how much this has changed how I feel about my body :]
It gets a little confusing as you get higher up, America’s bra sizes don’t really make sense and of course its completely different than everywhere else. And a lot of places that have bigger bras have UK brands.  See how its a bit confusing?
And to make it worse, some of the bra size calculators don’t always give you the correct size. I tried putting my measurements into 13 different calculators. I got 6 different sizes. Two of which had HUGE bands. the other 4 felt like they could be sister sizes. Just make sure you try everything on! I’m currently wearing a 38 FF in a british brand called Elomi. I bought it at Nordstrom’s Rack for $40. Norddie’s has some GREAT bras but they are in the $80 + range. And Nordstrom’s rack only has bras bigger than DDD on their messy clearance rack. So good luck there, but there are some cute bras on Ebay and there are a lot of larger sized bra sites and stores- you just have to hunt for them. I’ve bought a few from Australia on ebay that have worked out great.  There is this thing where the bigger the bra the uglier they get, which is true to an extent. But if you hunt you can find some really cute ones :] Don’t give up!
I also want to point out that our perceptions of bra sizes and beasts are extremely warped. So don’t be alarmed when you are a much larger or smaller size than you thought. It’s just a size number! Bra sizes haven’t been correctly explained, bra sizes don’t go in numeric or alphabetic order like so many think. Bra sizes are relative. And here is a fantastic blog explaining it :]
Good luck with your own bra journey!