San Diego Comic Con 2014

Friday –

 Got all dolled up for a easy day at comic con. Wore my little Batman dress. Well, its actually a nightgown from Walmart, but uh, I give no fucks. It’s a dress now. 😀
 Being all cute in the bathroom with Michelle
Excited about Sailor Moon
Excited about con
Excited about Guardians of the Galaxy
Excited about Constantine
Very excited about James Spader. AKA Daniel Jackson.


All ready to go! Waiting for the Trolly!
My killer cosplay team. Quicksilver, Tank Girl, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman
Its head is soooo biiiiig. Can’t handle it.
Ran into the wonderful Lisa Fabio
Waiting for our photoshoot. Man was it hot out!
Showing off my super 90’s looking Scarlet Witch costume. I need to get some sick patches for the jacket.
Photoshoot pictures were AWESOME!
Found out that San Diego Comic Fest used my photo on their flyers this year! I was there volunteering for the blood drive!
And its a damn good picture to boot!