Tiki Oasis 2014!!!

Friday- Pageant day!

I was up and ready to go with time to spare, which is rare. Met up with miss Nikki Napalm and she did my makeup for the pageant. She really nailed it! I looked awesome! Snagged my outfit from Retro Ruthie for the pageant pool side strut along with my clutch from The Oblong Box Shop. And met up with my pageant ladies in a wonderfully air conditioned room. We all then marched over in our heels to the pool. One by one we strutted around the pool to promote the pageant later that evening. It was quite scary, the pool drain lids had holes just the right size for a heel to get stuck in! We then changed for the Pinup Safari!

___________________ Pinup Safari __________________

Photographers: Marc Balanky, Stacy Hartman, Jacob Ramsden


Then it was time to relax for a little bit in our room. Had some beverages and snacks. Popped into the vendors for a bit and ate some lunch. Then got ready for the pageant. My head dress was AMAZING thank you Stephanie! Her and I worked on my dress a few days before. I felt awesome channeling my Carmen Maranda. I got a really good crowd reaction to both walking on stage and to my answers to the judges questions. So it felt like a win. My girl Michele Del Ray placed!
After the pageant I was pooped! Hung out in our room a little then changed my clothes for the after parties. Most of the room parties were a bit much for me, REALLY hot and jammed packed so we ended up chilling with friends on their patio, then back at our room. Fun night!


We had zero responsibilities for the day. We slept in a bit, got dressed, wandered around a bit. The BF went to a guitar class then we got lunch with Vestige Photography who was taking a break from the car show where she was selling her AWESOME tiki calendars! Nom nom sushi! Then it was shopping again! Bought out dog an organic loofah chew from Tiki Paws, we brought him last year and the ladies remembered him and wondered where he was! Our little fellow had a baby sitter for the weekend since we were staying at Tiki O this year rather than commuting. I developed a bit of ahead ache from the heat and not drinking enough water, so we spent some time relaxing in our room. Our room got full fast! Everyone stopped by. The gang ordered pizza before heading over to watch Jason Lee and the RIP Tides preform. I hung behind to try to shake my headache. Afterwards we roamed around visiting people, ending up in our room for an early night in.


Slept in, packed up, and popped on our swim suits! Did another round of shopping then hit the pool! I don’t go swimming much so it was really nice!

Showered off and called it a day! Headed home to our little dooder man. Played video games and ate like crap for the rest of the day haha.
I’m really thankful for how nice this weekend was. It was pretty much everything we needed.
Photo credits: My phone & BF, Jorge M Vargas Jr., Matt & Elisa Ramsay, Casey Cousins, Matti Ramsay