Free Comic Book Day

Had a great time a Toy Wars in Vista for Free Comic Book Day. It was the first FCBD I’ve enjoyed for a long time. They had a big set up. Palomar College Radio was out there, several artists and a few vendors, a food cart and a huuuge sale. Everyone there seemed like they were excited and having a fun time. There weren’t as many cosplayers out as I’d like to see but those that were there looked great! Toy Wars is a small shop in an industrial business area, but they had their back warehouse open full of tables and merchandise. They had some really great deals on just about everything. I picked up a nice light saber that had a little bit of wear on it for $25, light saber chopsticks, a couple of action figures, Star Wars ice tray molds, and Stan Lee cologne. Spent maybe $40 total. Swell haul. A lot of people had boxes of stuff they were buying, hope we cleared out your inventory! 😀