Star Wars Celebration 2015

I spent most of the day running around with my Disney Sith/Jedi group and photographer friends. Towards the end of the day I headed up to my hotel room where some smexy Playboy Star Wars Bunnies were washing their body paint off 😉 I had plans to go to Club Cosplay with them but I didn’t get my ticket in time. So the room was mine for the evening. I got dinner with Tamera Von Tart, which was great- I was looking for a more mellow night. Later in the evening I was still hungry so I got room service. I ordered a grilled cheese and a beer. Haha. “Hi… so, I’m not 12 years old, but I’d reaaaallly like a grilled cheese… is that cool?” And it was. Nom nom nom. Passed out.

While I had a great time hanging out with my cosplay friends at the celebration, I wasn’t that impressed with the event itself. While there were a lot of things to do, all of them had lines that kinda made them not worth it. Keep in mind I didn’t go to any panels or signings. Most of the merchandise was the same stuff I’ve seen over and over OR/AND it was pricey. They did have a huge selection of food trucks outside, but those too had really long lines. It’s probably the most expensive convention ticket I’ve ever bought to boot, so it wasn’t quite worth it and wasn’t really for me. That being said, I can definitely see how this would be a great event for Star Wars fans that might not go to conventions that often. I think its kind of the same as a SoCal resident having a Disneyland Pass VS someone who only gets to go once year. Expectations are just different. But that is alright :]

Things I did enjoy however- tons of photo ops. They had a lot of popup sets that were pretty legit, some had lines and some didn’t. They also had a tattoo area where tattoo artists were offering Star Wars tattoos. And I was impressed by the amount of male Slave Leias there. It was pretty awesome really. Plus I really appreciated their Cosplay isn’t consent signs! Bonus points for that one. So glad conventions are getting on that.

So, had an alright time, met a lot of new people. But should the celebration return to SoCal, I doubt I’ll be going. I do however plan on doing a Slave Leia shoot, I think it needs to happen. :]  I was a little bummed no one got my Wampa Stompa reference :[