Jurassic World (2015)


We went to see Jurassic World last night, it was quite enjoyable. I wore my “Jurassic Park worker lady” outfit. My pal Sparkle Monster made me a very cool custom necklace, which we’ll talk about later.

Movie Positives:

  •    There were a lot of positive things going on, I really liked how they took the concept of the first movie and went further with it. It really reflected a lot of the animal rights issues we are dealing with right now. A big focus of the movie is how the dinosaurs were treated. I got a little upset seeing the little triceratops being ridden around by children like elephants at the circus. I had to continuously remind myself that it wasn’t real. There were also some pretty solid points about animal treatment VS making money. Which is an issue for any animal related business or group, so it ends up coming down to ethical choices. And obviously there has to be that conflict, not just because it was a conflict present in the last movies, but because its part of our current societies nature. They did however have some pretty good tie backs to the original movie. I liked that they got BD Wong to resume his original roll and that you can see whats left of Hammon’s touch. I felt kinda upset how they’ve become this sleazy corporate entertainment park. They also don’t really reference the other two movies, not denying that they happened, but glossing over them. They clearly did a lot of work tying it back to the original movie, I recommend watching the original after. You can really see the “before and after” of the park pretty efficiently. and the difference between 90s theme parks and now are pretty spot on.
  •    I was surprisingly happy with the female lead, Bryce Dallas Howard’s performance was pleasing. We all love a strong female, but it was kind of nice seeing a strong female that was kinda a mess too. She was stuck in this awkward job position where she had to make less than compassionate decisions and you can see how the job is tearing away at her. And the disaster makes her more of a person. She had the option to sit back and let Owen take care of the situation and straight up said no. She opens up, has a hysterical mother moment, and willingly lets a T-rex chase her to save everyone. I think we sometimes get so swept up in wanting a strong female lead that we forget that strong leads have vulnerabilities like anyone else and without that they aren’t a full character.
  • The development of the two brothers was really nice to see. The older one was an angsty stereotypical teen boy and I was soooo over him until I realized he was actually going to have some character development.
  •     One of the biggest satisfying moments is when its explained that some of the dinosaurs don’t look like they should because of the genetic alterations. I could never get over the fact that none of the raptors had feathers but I think this helps. haha. There was a big fuss after the original JP that none of the raptors had feathers. So in the 2nd or 3rd one they popped like a handful of feathers on one of the raptors. It was pathetic. I think this was their way of saying sorry to all the people that dedicated their lives to the study of dinosaurs.
  • Lowery as a character was the most pleasing thing period.
  •     A lot of people feel that the training of the raptors are unrealistic. And I don’t think it was. I think they should have done some things differently but had the raptors been super cuddly and affectionate I wouldn’t have been into it, as much as I’d love to cuddle a dinosaur. I think the relationship was decent, Owen understood what their relationship was built off of and how fragile it was. And the idea of training a raptor doesn’t seem that unreal to me. Dinosaurs are much closer in relation to birds than they are with reptiles and through history we’ve trained birds, specially birds of prey, to do all sorts of shit. Its just a lot more dangerous since these birds are able to fit your head in their mouths.
  •    They accurately portrayed what it is like to work at a large theme park.

Movie Negatives:

  •    I really really hate saying this, but I don’t know if Chris Pratt would have been my first pick for this role. Which is disappointing because I freaking love him as a human being. Don’t get me wrong, he was great. But I think the roll needed a certain gruffness that he doesn’t posses. Its the same reason I don’t like the idea of him being casted for an Indiana Jones reboot. but he has signed on to more JW movies, which I greatly look forward to. I think that they really needed Chris Pratt, he’s really popular right now and so much fun in everything he does and since making a new JP was kinda risky- it was a good call casting him.
  •    No one can successfully run from a T-Rex in heels or go through the jungle, heels sink into dirt. Unrealistic and silly. But I do appreciate that she never once complained about it. and really, she did a pretty good job at running in them. So its not that she couldn’t do it, its that if you are in danger like that, those shoes would have been long gone.
  •    I also had issues with the corrupt human, Hoskins, I feel like Claire had to make more sleazy choices than he did. JP traditionally has had either strong military tough guys or sleaze bags like Dennis from the first one. I feel like they kind of combined the most lack luster traits of both of those. I wanted more from this dude. I wanted to go “wooo hooo” when he died. And I was more like “yay a dinosaur related death!”
  • Like 90% of movies, I wish there were more women. We wouldn’t need a strong female lead so badly all the time if there were an even amount of women characters in movies. The more women there are, the more characteristics you can give them. They are much more whole as a character that way. When we have the strong female lead in an all male movie, she has to be every thing needed and expected from a strong female character and a real person just can’t do that. They have to have vulnerabilities and faults.
  •    I didn’t like the concept of one big bad dino. With the raptors on the human side most of the time it made it a lot less dangerous. And the fact it was part raptor was really predictable. One of the scariest thing in JP is being hunted in the jungle, knowing you are being followed and if you aren’t quicker and smarter- you are dead. There was a huge lack of anticipation. And to be perfectly honest, for a movie about dinosaurs eating people, there wasn’t enough dinosaurs eating people. There was an island of people, the risks were much higher yet the damages didn’t reflect that. The originals had such an end of the world feel, only a few survived, nothing will be the same. They endangered a mass amount of people and too many of them got to go home. I feel like there wasn’t enough central characters either. The people in the com room should have faced some sort of danger. I guess I didn’t really feel scared for anyone.
  • Was kind of bummed that the T-rex just… walked away…
  • lastly, and this is a huge assumption being made, but by the sound of it, if there were another movie made, its going to cover the idea of dinosaurs for military purposes. Now that could be amazing or it could be terrible. I feel like that could easily take a wrong turn and lead to Jurassic World 8: Raptors in Space or some shit. But on the other hand it could lead to a movie full of dinosaur carnage. So for now I’ll just feel uneasy about it haha.

Overall I enjoyed this movie. I hope to see more characters/actors coming back from the old films. *cough* chaos *cough*. Over all I was pretty pleased.

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So, necklace. After Long Beach Comic Expo 2015, when I first wore this outfit, I posted a photo I had edited. While most responses were nice, I did get one in particular that stuck with me.





So, I while I know this was meant to be mean, I’m a firm believer that no one can make you feel bad without your consent. I actually laughed pretty damn hard at this whole interaction. So much that I felt fuck it, lets own that one. And here we are.