LA Cosplay Con 2015

LA Cosplay Con itself was alright, we had a good day. There were a lot of fun things going on including some solid panels, excellent makeup demos and a bounce house outside. haha. I think something I’d like to see different next year is seeing more cosplay specific vendors. And I’m in no way trying to rag on them or anything, I know they are a newer con and it takes a while to get things flowing perfectly and I could see there being some limiting factors when obtaining vendors. But I would like to see more vendors selling things props, costumes, wigs, etc. There were a few, but I’d like to see more. I guess I want to see a vendor hall catering to cosplayers rather than the normal vendor hall stuff?

I did however get stuck in the elevators with Tay Zonday, which was neat. He seems like a nice dude. And met the guy that voiced Lord Zed on Power Rangers. We wandered around, saw a few friends, took some photos, got lunch at the mall, got lost in the parking structure, came back, walked around again and then left. We made the most of it, it was a reasonably priced for what it was, it looked like a lot of people were having fun and it had a old school 90’s con feel, but I think this con just wasn’t what we were looking for. And that’s alright. 😀 Plus, pretty fun photos. Over all I’d say it was worth going, but I’m glad we had plans after, it made the day well rounded. And seeing that many cosplayers running around together was pretty cute.


The reactions to my outfit were amazing and completely worth it. I kind of looked like the Ziggy Stardust of Jurassic Park. A truck at a stop light backed up to look at us, gave us the horns, drove on. Startled a clown car full of teens in traffic, security guard kinda sorta hit on me, two guys with facial tattoos in a raised car with shinny shinny rims gave me a nod, kids at the mall flowed me around a bit, all wide eyed, and a guy at a pho restaurant took my photo and asked if he could put it on TV, I guess he works for a good morning show on local cable or something? Weird day man. Weird day.