Nerd Con 2015


No lies, I was pretty impressed with NerdCon. I believe this was their first year and from what I saw their attendance was pretty high. I pulled up around 11:30/12pm and there was a HUGE line to get your tickets, like it wrapped around the building. But the line seemed to move pretty quickly all things considering. NerdCon offered, to those that bough their tickets early, an option having your passes sent to your house for a few extra bucks. A great idea and it saved me a lot of time. The con was mostly inside but there was a lot to do outside as well. The location, Escondido Preforming Arts Center, striked me as an interesting place for a convention but they do have the grounds and space for it. Plus parking there is really easy and there are a lot of places to go eat in walking distance. There are a lot of outside areas and a park behind the building, all perfect for cosplay shoots and ren faire entertainment in the front courtyard along with REASONABLY PRICED CON FOOD. (Yeah, I know right?) There were several tables and chairs in the shade for people to eat at or rest. And once those were taken there was plenty of shaded grass for picnic style hang outs. And the schedule had quite a bit to offer entertainment wise, including a fashion show, karaoke and cosplay contests. I didn’t hang out for any of the panels but the ones I did catch while walking by sounded pretty good. There was even one about being bullied and having social anxiety. That, to me, is HUGE. For those of us that have social anxiety and for those that don’t. Some need help understanding it and to know they aren’t alone. (big points to whomever came up with that panel. seriously.) The vendor hall was full of talented people and fun merchandises but was unfortunately too small which made it too warm. So the only issues I had with this con was the heat, which obviously no one to change, and how packed it was. Which really, isn’t a bad thing. Specially for a first year con. They had more people than they probably expected and it means next year they will be bigger and better to accommodate. I think they could easily make this a 2 day con. The North County area doesn’t have a lot of things like this. I saw a lot of younger kids, teens and pre-teens, in big groups having a blast with their friends. And for kids that don’t drive, getting down to southern San Diego for conventions can be really hard. So I really enjoyed seeing how much fun people were having. And the cosplay blew me away. I’m pretty sure I saw just as much if, not more, cosplay at NerdCon than the two days I was at SDCC. Everyone seemed really into it.

So NerdCon- thank you! I think you are doing a fantastic job and I hope to enjoy it again next year!

On to my day-
I rolled up dressed as Fight Club Pam from Archer. It was a ridiculously comfy outfit. sweat pants and a tank, can’t beat that when it comes to comfort. And since I was all bloody it didn’t matter if I got dirty either! Not everyone got my cosplay, but those that did were very excited about it. haha. I brought Mr. Blink with me as my little Archer and as expected everyone loved him. :] I bought him mainly because I thought this was going to be a small mellow con like LA Cosplay Con but he ended up getting a little overwhelmed from the vendor hall. He is a very social dog and wants to meet every single person so he did much better out on the grass chilling. The main court yard was still a bit much for him (mainly cause people had food) so we moved to the back park area. It was nice that there were a lot of shaded options. I couldn’t believe how many of my con friends were there. A lot of people came out for this. Everyone I met was really friendly too :] I had a really good time and wish I could have stayed longer.

Even got to do a mini photoshoot. We pretty much looked over at the Castiel on the grass next to us and asked him if he was down to get the crap beaten out of him. Pam is NOT a Supernatural fan.

Price / costume break down here 

Photos by Chief Geek Photography