Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2015


What a freaking blast. I got to finally wear my Khal Drogo cosplay. I felt so comfortable in that beard!!! It’s so nice to have a fully functioning cosplay. I haven’t finished a new one, specially one I was proud of, for a long time. And this is one I feel like I want to wear over and over again. I really look forward to being a bearded woman of cosplay. And I was with a such a strange group of cosplays all day. We had a Dazzler (X-men), Eric (Little Mermaid), Captain Spaulding (House of a 1000 Corpses), and a Angela (Spawn, Guardians, etc) then myself as Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones). It was a big mix of ridiculous.

Started off the day getting lunch in a Koreatown mall. Some found my beard amusing, others really didn’t know what to make of it. It was really hard to eat from the glue. I also have a new found respect, I won’t make fun of a dude for having food in his beard ever again.

The event itself was a bit disorganized. I tried to redeem my free autograph that came with my ticket but I was directed back and forth from South Hall to West Hall three times before I gave the fuck up. I think maybe a lot of staff miss took the autograph ticket print out as a convention ticket, thus directing me to the wrong hall.  When I lost my badge, staff was crazy helpful. I thought I would end up buying another pass but it all worked out :]  The vendor floor was really crowded and we never made it all the way through it. There were huge areas that we never got to see because it was too hard to walk. I also didn’t see anyone I was planning to hang out with. We never made it to the South Hall floor either. So I feel like I probably wont go back next year. I like Halloween too much to only walk half a convention hall. I did however meet a real bearded lady and it was an awesome experience. Met a few other Drogo and Khaleesi cosplayers. And spent some great time with my cosplay family.

Our evening consisted of crazy slow service at a restaurant, everyone’s phones dying when trying to order an Uber, and booty shakes. My group went to Club Cosplay in the evening, I went to a Halloween party at a friends house :] We all passed out so hard. And really didn’t do much Sunday. Over all great time.

My Khal Drogo cosplay cost breakdown and costume how to is here.