Nerdy New Year 2016


Nerdy New Year, hosted by NerdCon, was a two part 24 hr convention. The first part of the day was gaming fun, panels, and hanging out. Groups of friends huddled around gaming tables and consoles through the halls, a very chill event. I ran around for an hour or so, visiting with friends and shooting a few pictures.

I ran home and changed for the evening festivities, burr was it cold. I met up with friends, danced on the floor and unlocked the cosplay Macgyver achievement. I had tan undies on but they showed through the straps on the skirt, kinda ruined the look of the costume. After a long debate about the risks of not wearing underwear on the dance floor,  the list of dangers was just too long! Haha. I ended up cutting the seams of the undies on the hips and tying it to the front and back plates of the skirt, giving the illusion of not wearing underwear. It functioned as built in underwear and helped stabilize the plates. Win win.

We danced and partied, sang karaoke, drank champagne, and played video games late into the night. We paid an Uber driver to take us to Jack in the Box and back. We munched away on our fried food while a live action Super Smash Brothers performance went on at the stage. I got my ass handed to me on Star Wars Battlefront. We were determined to stay the whole night but around 5 or so we called it quits after falling asleep, controllers in hands. I was in bed at 6am. I cannot remember the last time I stayed up that late. But holy crap did I have fun.

I feel like I really kicked the new year off a bang. I’ve been working very hard on health and happiness this past year. I met my anxiety and disorders head on. I came out this year a completely different person, forty pounds lighter, and totally rejuvenated. And I feel like this costume and wonderful evening with my friends was my reward. I look forward to coming back to cosplay and photography, refreshed and ready to rock.

I hope everyone had an amazing new year, spend 2016 challenging yourself.