Long Beach Comic Expo 2016

babes for days <3

babes for days <3

As usual, I had a great time at Long Beach Comic Expo. There is always such a big cosplay crowd outside, it pleases me so much. And they are always really fun and creative. When ever someone asks what con is good for introducing a new person to the scene and I always tell them LBCE or LBCC. They are really good sized cons but aren’t overwhelming. There is a lot to do and see and there aren’t a lot of lines either. Plus there are a lot of things near by for food, huge restaurant area across the street and food trucks camp out too. LBCC and LBCE are both very well rounded conventions. And easily my favorites in Socal. But I also get to see a lot of my friends there so maybe I’m a little biased!

1917649_980736225325705_1194620825448968032_nIt is always hard to choose if I’m going to do cosplay or photography each day since LBCE is a great for either. It’s a little too hard to both at the same time, so I usually base it off of if I’m going alone or going with a group of cosplay babes. This year I was with my babes! Saturday was a fun fun day with my girls. Scarlet Witch, Wolverine, Dazzler and Emma Frost bombed around the con floor all day. Running into convention friends, artists and meeting up with photographers. The afternoon included several photoshoots with some of my favs! Sunday was a more mellow day, I dressed in Slave Leia. Met up with Nikki Napalm, she was dressed as Jesse from Team Rocket. It was a swell day, she hadn’t been to a con before! Showed her around for a bit then had some yummy dinner after.

IMG_20160221_171316I was really excited to wear Scarlet Witch again, it had been a really long time since I’ve worn her. The first time I wore her was at LBCC 2011. I’m ready to update her completely. I made a new head piece, it wasn’t completely where I wanted it but I have time to work on it. The corset is almost too big, the nylons are baggy, the boots are tearing and I’d really like to make a better cape- its ready to be refreshed for sure. As for Hutt Slayer Leia, I’m always happy to wear her.

I haven’t had any bad experiences in a long while, which is good. That means that conventions are becoming safer for cosplayers. However, if you are ever made uncomfortable by someone, don’t hesitate to decline a photo and walk away. On Saturday a guy asked us for a photo. It’s pretty normal for dudes to put their arms around us, I don’t mind as long as they aren’t groapy. I prefer the ones that pretend to though, hovering their arm behind, not actually touching. But this dude, he gripped me so hard that I felt really uncomfortable. It was such a strong and forceful pull into him that it kinda freaked me out, I pushed him back with my arm several times, eventually elbowing him and cursing. His friend pretended to fumble with the camera that “he just didn’t know how to use” and took forever to take the photo. It felt like a total scam. Call these skeeze balls out! I look forward to finding the photo, I had stink face 😀

Big thank you to all my cosplay babes that made the weekend so damn fun! <3

Scarlet Witch

Slave Leia