How To: Slave Leia Underwear

“Hope you are wearing underwear with that!”


So- being that it is the most common question I get, lets talk about how exactly I wear underwear with my Slave Leia. It’s actually really simple. So simple that I can show you in pictures and post it notes.


Here are the underwear I use. They are thin, breathable and stretchy. I bough them at Target. When looking for underwear you want to find something thinner. I like these because they don’t bunch up when I tie them, they are easily untied because of their smooth and silky nature but also don’t come untied on their own. I have them tacked in the middle to help prevent them from peeping over the front and back plates like they are doing in the photo above, you can see just this liiiittle bitty bit peaking out.


I am going to show you how to cut them using these Star Wars underwear. These aren’t really the shape you are going to be looking for. You want something a little slimmer in cut. These also have a pretty thick elastic band that my tan ones do not have.



Start off by cutting the hip seams.



They will look like this.


Tie the front ends to the front panel


Do the same on the back panel



And here we have the Slave Leia Vagina Hammock. That, folks, is how I wear underwear. They are literally just tied the fuck on. Ta-Da!

You can see the difference, I tried to hide it with the belt. Not having underwear showing really makes the outfit. I felt like a brilliant scientist when I figured it out haha.

So, YES. I am wearing underwear.