Scare LA 2016

A friend had asked me “What do you mean the Halloween season has started? Halloween is just one day…” Well, for normal folks, sure. But us creepers know Halloween begins in August. It’s when Micheal’s Crafts starts to get its Halloween stuff in, costume stores start to appear in abandoned malls, and Halloween inspired photos start to heavily circulate on Tumblr. Granted, I live and breathe Halloween year round, August marks the start of the season for me. And to kick off that magical time, Scare LA showers us with fun horror goodies.

I didn’t really plan anything out, last year we swore we would go full blown gore and prosthetic fun. But, lets be real, I’m a hot mess at least 50% of the time. So.. I punted a little. I sat in my pile of costumes, the night before, trying to figure out something easy to wear. I wanted to initially be a zombie, something creepy. But I have recently experienced some allergic reactions to latex, which is a first for me, so I didn’t want to get sick mid con. So ended up sporting my Velmster. It seemed like a solid easy costume to  wear around. I’m so happy I did because it ended up being perfect, because little did I know that the Mystery Machine was out front! And people seemed to enjoy Velma, more than I thought they would. So I think I might have to do a legit one, turtleneck and all. ( I really hate turtlenecks )

Souvenir wise, for me, there are two types of conventions. Cons where I buy mainly stickers or nothing and conventions like Scare LA, where I bring everything in my bank account. There are such amazing artists there with very creative work that you can’t get anywhere else. And everyone there selling their art are there because they love Halloween and horror. Yes, making money is the end goal, but you can tell that these artists love the genre and are very passionate about it. It’s a really good convention for buying cute horror themed outfits and decor. Last year I bought this amazing coffin shaped shelf for my dresser :]

We had a lot of fun, much like last year. The hall had much more room, the event had be spread out a little bit more which was great, there were a few areas that were hard to get through last year. Specially for people in big costumes. Apart from being able to watch makeup artists do amazing work, there were also performances through the day like the dancers that entertained us while waiting in line for the mazes. And, the amazing Sins O’ the Flesh preforming numbers from the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the main hall! We brought my niece with us this year since she’s old enough; it was her first con and it was pretty cool seeing it from a kids perspective. She really enjoyed watching the performers and they had plenty of activities that were kid friendly including craft tables and the small mazes weren’t too scary for her. Plus we got to meet Ve Neill, she was so nice!

Hopefully next year we can get a hotel room, do the full weekend, and get some crazy costumes together.