Nerd Con 2016

Honestly, what can I say about Nerd Con that I haven’t said before? Being their second year, it was bigger and better than the last. This con has grown a lot in such a small amount of time, I always feel impressed.¬†Everything there seems to run pretty smoothly too. I love the location, the California Center for the Arts Escondido, they have a wonderful building that is great for photos. And there is a large park attached. So there is always room for activities and photoshoots. Nerd Con also thinks of it’s guests by providing food options and a lot of shade. Which is always appreciated. The area has several food options across the street as well, but the food the art center provides is reasonably priced for convention food and is of good quality, not stale¬†nachos lol. The vending areas were expanded and a lot of the tight areas were opened up; we all know how much I value uncrowded areas at conventions. I look forward to the growth and other improvements they’ll be making next year. It’s laid back, local, and all around fun :]

This year I packed my schedule pretty full. I wore my Velma on Saturday and got to wear my Tina for the first time Sunday! I participated in the fashion show this year too boot, and boy, it was swell to work with such talented ladies. I modeled for Elhoffer Design, check her stuff out! The dress I wore was soooo comfortable. I could wear this thing out anywhere or use it as a snuggy. And…. IT HAS POCKETS. She makes a wide variety of sizes and also takes custom orders! Fashion shows tend to take up a lot of time at a convention, but being a local thing I was looking for something to be preoccupied with and I’m glad I did. I met some wonderful ladies and made some new friends :]

I’m already looking forward to Nerdy New Year <3



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