Long Beach Comic Con 2016

Warning – this post contains a cosplay that has been considered, by some, a Stranger Things spoiler.

I had fun at LBCC but I didn’t stay as long as usual. I was surprised that parking was much harder and the line to enter was really long outside for most of the day. I think it probably had something to do with Nathan Fillion and a good portion of the cast stopping by for the Firefly panel. I saw a lot of Firefly cosplays. A lot. Which is awesome. But they keep putting the event on the smaller side of the convention center when, specially this time, there are way too many people. So I hung outside 90% of the time. But I did get to wear my Barb from Stranger Things. Got a whole group going on. We spent most of the time yelling things at each other. You know, being loud and obnoxious. Like always.

After Rae Niks and I ran over to Fan Alley to be cosplay models for their Stranger Things art show! Fun stuff!

Nancy- Rae Niks

Eleven- Clara Cosplays it all

Guy with the worst job ever- My Name Is Not Bruce