Midsummer Scream 2017


What great fun! I love that Halloween starts in August! This was my first Midsummer Scream and I really enjoyed it. Spent most of the day on the floor walking through the dealer hall over and over and over, every time seeing something new. There were some very creative people there! I bought quiet a bit of spooky decor and art for my room.¬†Also got to meet Sid Haig again, that man sat there all day to make us all happy, what a blessing he is <3 They had some pretty cool panels and workshops going on as well. Though we only went to one, SLASHED! The Musical. It was a small taste of what the whole performance is about but what I saw was pretty funny. Sounds like an entertaining thing to do for Halloween. The kids area was always popping and looked like a lot of fun for them. But I think my favorite was the Hall of Shadows where there were live performances and creepy walk throughs. The best one was the peep show where a dirty murder lady (as we so fondly named her) did a very sexy awesome strip tease for us. We weren’t sure if she was going to rub on us or murder us, maybe both, and boy did we like it! It kinda was the highlight of an already fun day. We weren’t expecting anything like that, hands down best surprise ever. After that we took photos with stuff and people, drank some beers, and got some dinner.

This con was well lit but still maintained a spooky atmosphere; it was scary but still family friendly. There was a lot to see, do, buy and experience. Including a ton of photo op material available. Excellent vibe, and everyone looked like they were having a great time, us included. And, SO MANY costumes! It was an easy and safe space to cosplay in, well rounded convention in my opinion. For sure going again next year!

You can see a sample of the amazing creative costumes that where there in this video!